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These cases studies give some flavour of some of services we have provided to our clients in the past.

Recovering data from a failed hard disk

John is a busy executive working from home running a very successful business. He uses a laptop to conduct most of his business including invoicing, contacts and proposals. The laptop is critical to his business continuity.

Despite having a backup strategy in place he somehow did not get around to following the procedure for 2 months when his hard drive failed.

We took his laptop to our workshop where we were able to recover all the data using special tools and software. We then installed a new larger hard drive and restored his disk image. During the quality assurance process we had to reinstall MS Outlook which had been corrupted during the failure. Following further checking he was able to continue working with his recovered data. He of course now follows the backup procedure.

Hard drive corrupted with malware

Jim was the MD of a small business in Sunninghill. The critical application to his business was SAGE Accounts and online banking. Despite hearing about spam, spyware and viruses he did not get around to installing adequate protection. His PC became slower and slower and popups were interrupting his work every few minutes. It got to the point where he could no longer use the PC.

The system unit was brought in for to us to examine. We learned that the PC had never been backed up and all their critical data was in the SAGE accounts, leaving us unable to format the hard drive. Their financial year end was imminent. We had to clean the operating system in order to recover the data.

Using six different software tools we were able to remove over 4500 viruses, spam and malware applications, 8GB of temporary files, install all outstanding windows updates which hadn't been applied to the system and restore the system to full working order. The total process took 9 man hours work as a few persistent malware items could not easily be removed.

We recommended and implemented a backup procedure and they invested in proper malware protection to ensure their system was not compromised again.






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